Google Maps Integration for Flag Routes

Help using this app._2021-05-23


  • Q. Is there any documentation to help me use this app?. A. Yes there is please see thisĀ Instructional Slide Show_2019-04-08.
  • Q. Why do I only see 10 stops in Google maps? A. Only 10 way points are show at a time on Google Maps, this a Google limitation. You need to switch from Google Maps back to and click the next address in your list.
  • Q. Do I have to start at the top of my list. A. No you do not. You can click on any address on the list on
  • Q. Can I get just one address per street? A. Yes, by clicking on the stop column you will see just one address per street. This can be a great strategy to get past the 10 stop limit in Google Maps.
  • Q. Who created and how can my club get an account? A. It was created and hosted for free by a Patrick Arehart, the President of Arehart IT Consulting, who is a member of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club in Centerville Ohio. For help, or to add your flag routes to this site you can contact him from or by using the feedback links on this site.